IL faut définir ce qu’est réellement l’innovation

Innovation is all things to all peopleL’innovation est un thème fourre-tout qui a « autant de sens que de gens qui prononcent son nom » écrit Brianna Sylver avec à propos, dans un article récent (January 31, 2006) de la revue Business Week intitulé « What does « Innovation » really mean? How to insure a success with your clients« .

(suite de l’article en Anglais)

Sylver describes the definition of innovation as merel « introducing something new » not really satisfactory. In her mind, and experience has shown us that this is really so, the innovation consultant will have to identify, first and foremost, what innovation means to the client with regard to the situation that the company is in. Sylver has identified 3 potential scenarios:

  1. What she describes as the « burning platform » syndrome, whereby the client’s house is on fire, sales and profit dropping, and nobody knows why let alone what to do,
  2. Scenario 2 takes place when the firm has just gotten rid of the « burning platform » syndrome and they are seeking to establish a sustained innovation effort,
  3. Scenario 3 is when the firm is an established leader and innovation is aimed at staying ahead of the bunch, regardless of failures which may happen in the process.

Brianna Sylver (she is also the owner and founder of Sylver consulting) goes on with the desription of how to tackle each scenario.

Definitely worth the read.

Article available online at: What does « Innovation » really mean? How to insure a success with your clients

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