Web 2.0: 2ème couche d’Ajax

AjaxVoici sur la page française de mon blog le post en anglais sur le sujet du Web 2.0 déjà développé précédemment dans ces pages. Plus de détails dans les lignes suivantes, et des liens utiles vers des sites très représentatifs du Web 2.0 (Mon Dieu quel nom ! 🙁 )

« As described in Richard McManus’s post on Zdnet a flurry of new online applications are being developed – literally – as we speak. They are one of the occurrences of so-called WEB 2.0.
Of course, one could sneer at that new buzz-word which mainly seems to be filling the gap for a nameless all-encompassing concept. Last week, I heard erstwhile O’Reilly CTO Jon Orwant (now a Director of Research for the FTR&D Boston lab) rightfully point out: « What was wrong with Web 1.0 that one had to rebrand it Web 2.0; wasn’t it working properly? » he said in essence. After all, WEB 2.0 is the umpteenth buzzword and fad that we have been able to witness in the IT industry in the past 20 years. Each time a new buzzword is created, there are hopes – on one side – that things are going to get better for ever, and fears – on the other side – that this is the end of the world as we know it. Taking a bit of hindsight can prove useful, particularly in this context. Having said that, one should pay a lot of attention to the following developments, which are putting ASP (Application Software Providers I mean, not Microsoft’s ‘active server pages’) back on the IT agenda. Not all these applications are Ajax-based. But this new development method (this is not really a language as explained by Garrett, see following link) is setting the pace for an increaslingly fast-changing world. For a thorough description of Ajax , please refer to Guru Jesse James Garrett’s blog page by clicking here.

Some of the online apps mentioned by McManus (following lines taken directly from ZDNET)

 » […]
  • Writely – « The Web Word Processor » (note that for creating documents, it uses an HTML editor and then converts to Word format) FCKeditor is also an MS Word-like web app. It’s open source too. gOFFICE – « a browser-based online word processor and desktop publishing program » Num Sum – web-based spreadsheets – except only the author of a spreadsheet can edit it. Kiko – Online calendar solution powered by Ajax. Gmail and now the new Yahoo! Mail (Microsoft is rumored to be working on a Hotmail upgrade, codenamed Kahuna) called S5 – web-based Powerpoint Webnote – web-based version of Microsoft’s OneNote thinkfree – online Office suite Openomy – online file-system
And ones Peter has added to the mix:
[…] » I hope my readers will be able to add more tools to this list. Reviews welcome.
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Yann Gourvennec
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